Our little rustic cafe, named after our founding member, Maria Luisa’s Garden Room, is open solely to members of the Makati Garden Club. Chef Robert Lillja, has established himself in our little nook and enjoys preparing what we deem to be simple, yet exquisite comfort food for the members and their guests. Menus are simple, with a Nordic touch (since Chef Robert is from Sweden) and vary on a monthly basis. We also hold numerous fund-raising events at the club’s cafe, main house, and gardens, to sustain our charities and our club.
Where else can you enjoy a simple meal amidst so much greenery?

Garden Nursery

Plants and ornamentals abound and are for sale all over our garden. We invite guests and the public to wander around and view our greenery. We also have a vegetable and herb garden tucked away at the back for the exclusive use of our cafe. In this manner, we uphold our purpose in promoting the use of gardening and growing greens, not only for the home but also in cuisine. We are now going into the propagation of micro-greens (these are the sprouts from vegetable seeds, which are own in high demand in top restaurants). Our nursery is located in the south area of the property. We also sell garden soil, fertilizers, and garden supplies.


Maria Luisa's Garden Room Cafe Specials

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