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Over the Bougainvillea

It’s raining cats and dogs in Manila! Do you know how this phrase evolved? Way back in the Middle Ages, dogs and cats would live indoors with the family. However, since space would be an issue, the pets were moved to the roof to sleep at night. During heavy downpours, the roof would give in and it would literally rain cats and dogs because the pets would fall from the roof to the floor. An interesting tidbit, right?

Because of the unrelenting rains, all outdoor trips and activities have been put on hold. Our entry arches collapsed and Bougainvilleas were destroyed. However, no leaks. At least!

On Thursday, September 6th, we are reconvening a General Membership meeting. It will be a combination Workshop/Luncheon sponsored by MGC. Our Flower Shop will hold a flower arranging workshop at 10 AM. There will be 2 types of arrangements to make. All materials will be provided (vases, foam, flowers, leaves, etc) and best of all, the arrangements can be taken home by the workshopper. Aprons and pruning scissors will be provided, but these are to be returned. The cafe will prepare, as always, a scrumptious lunch. The charge for both lunch and workshop is P1,000. However, those that do not wish to participate in the actual workshop can come and watch, and then join us for lunch — P500.

Last month, the Board voted to donate P100,000 to the Winner Foundation, the GUARDIANS of the Historic Arroceros Park, to support the maintenance of the ancient forest. The Board is also subsidizing a group of school children in Pasay City, through the Cafe, with food and school books. Aside from underwriting tuition for deserving students at Family Farms, MGC continues to support other charities in the Greater Manila Area.

If you stroll through the grounds and visit the side and back area, you will note that herbs and vegetables are happily growing in separate plots, despite the heavy rains. Each staff member of MGC (admin and Cafe) have been allotted one plot to grow their choice of veggies, and the winner (to be picked on November 12th) will receive a cash donation from the Board. It is heartwarming to see how excited the staff is and the care they give to their plants, with names of the vegetables PLUS their names proudly displayed as well.

In a couple of months, we are launching a deli, and inviting ALL MEMBERS to bring their gourmet foods and snacks to sell. The grand opening will be on Monday, November 12th, to be held at the Lanai. If successful, we may have a permanent Deli in the area to be enclosed and air-conditioned. If you have something special that you would like to share and sell, we welcome it. Do give us a call or drop us an email.

Join us!


General Meeting and
Flower Arrangement Workshop

Workshop organized by MGC’s BluPorch FlowerShop
and luncheon from our very own cafe.

10:00 AM - 12:00 NN

P1,000 for Workshop and Lunch
P1,100 for non-members
P500 for members who do not wish to participate in the workshop
P600 for non-members who do not wish to participate in the workshop

RSVP: GRACE at (02) 817 2738


Our gardens love rain and, after the warmer, dryer months, appreciate the healthy refreshment. However, when rain is heavy and accompanied by winds, it can be potentially harmful and ruin the hard work we have put into our borders throughout summer.
Follow these tips to protect your garden before, during and after a downpour


1. Remove damaged shoots and limbs
Before a rain storm, remove any dead shoots and limbs from your plants to make them as streamline as possible and reduce the risk of snapping and tangling.

2. Support taller plants
Heavy rain can put taller, less secure plants through their paces, especially when combined with strong winds. Push a wooden or metal support into the ground and gently tie the plant to it. This will protect it from the physical damage and prevent it from snapping.

3. Drainage
To avoid water collecting in a pool anywhere in your garden and potentially drowning the nearby plants, make sure there is adequate drainage. Make sure there is a proper runoff that slopes away from that garden and, most importantly, make sure it is not blocked.


4. Cover the most delicate plants
Use a waterproof covering such as tarpaulin to cover young and fragile plants, including herbs and vegetables, if the rain if hard and persistent. Make sure the covering is slanted in the correct direction to ensure adequate drainage away form surrounding foliage.

5. Turn your compost
Ensure the entirety of your rich, nutritious compost is watered by mixing the damp with the dry under layers.


6. Check your vegetable roots
Once the rain has stopped, make sure there are no exposed roots following soil erosion. Recover them with soil or compost before they dry out and risk harming the plant.

7. Check your pots and planters
These can easily become flooded if the drainage is compromised. Check pots and planters before, during and after rain and cover if necessary.

8. Keep the slugs and snails at bay
Moist conditions are heaven to slugs and snails.

And remember that, in general, your garden does loves the rain. In fact, a few plant varieties will flourish and the moist soil conditions allow us to tend to some weeding and planting issues. Try these tips:

9. Pull up weeds by hand
The moist soil means you are much more likely to retrieve the whole root without it snapping and breaking.

10. Pick lettuce
It will be sweet and tender after a good shower.

11. Make the most of your mint
This herb loves moist conditions and will make a lovely mint tea after a wet day.


Five Ways to Enjoy Your Garden on Rainy Days

Having fun in your garden on a rainy day may seem counter-intuitive. After all, rain usually results in wet dirt or mud and quite a few gardeners don’t enjoy that at all. Many gardeners usually have plans to mow their lawn, prune fruit trees or engage in some other activity in their garden that is best done in dry weather. However, a rainy day doesn’t have to limit your productivity.


Read In Your Backyard Bungalow
Warm, relaxing rain can make men and women feel more connected to nature. If hearing or seeing the rain relaxes you but you don’t feel like being directly in it, consider reading in your bungalow instead. Speak to an expert team that provides landscaping and gardening services for help with designing and building a backyard bungalow that is perfect for the space you have.


Watch Koi
Koi ponds are beautiful and they allow you to relax easily after a hard day. These fish have their own way of enjoying both sunshine and rain. Many people who have koi ponds in their backyard have observed that the fish exhibit peculiar behavior whenever the rain falls. They become a lot more active and seem to enjoy the movement of the water. In order to observe this for yourself, you will have to take a walk alongside your pond while the rain is gently falling.
While a little rain does no harm to your koi pond, a heavy downpour can be problematic, especially with smaller ponds which are at ground level. These ponds can overflow and they can also be polluted by groundwater washing in. Landscaping and gardening services can help with fitting your koi pond with an overflow outlet if you don’t have the time to monitor the pond regularly.


Float Boats Down A Stream
A stream can be a great addition to your own backyard. Any type of aquatic landscape can make your garden a more relaxing place to be in. If you want to bring a fresh look to your property, a stream may be just the way to do it. Landscaping and gardening services can help you to build a beautiful stream that integrates seamlessly with the features you already have. Line your stream with rocks and even add a few waterfalls for increased movement.
When the rain falls, you can float paper boats down your own mini river. Children love creating paper boats to float in puddles but that’s a bit of fun that people often don’t indulge in as frequently when they become older. If you have young children, they will enjoy using their hands to build boats. Turn a game of boat racing into something interesting for you and your partner.


Enjoy Catching Raindrops
Catching raindrops is a great activity for children. If the rain isn’t falling too heavily, let them see how many raindrops they can catch on their tongue. Change it around by encouraging them to try catching raindrops on their palms, fingers, elbows and other parts of their body. It’s a lot of fun and will develop their body coordination and balance. Motor control declines in older adults so this type of activity helps people over 80 as well.


Pull Weeds
Some gardeners absolutely love gardening in the rain. For them, it’s a far more appealing option than working in the hot sun. Weeds can be pulled up more easily in the rain so if you are looking for a fast way to get this particular task done, consider giving wet weather weeding a try. This is best done when you have light, steady rain. Like many other rainy day activities, it is not as much fun in a downpour but can actually help to relieve stress if the water is warm and relaxing.
Rainy weather is often more peaceful and quiet since lots of people like to go inside and avoid the water. If you like that, look for opportunities to get work done in your yard, without the distraction of lawnmowers, weed eaters or other garden tools in the background. Raking leaves for composting and mulching is also easily done in light rain. Leaves won’t blow everywhere if they are a little damp.


New Lunch Specials for July
Every Monday to Thursday
A three-course lunch for one and all.
Senior Members: PhP 650

Unlimited Forth & Tay Wines and Tapas Night
Every Thursday, 5pm-8pm
Enjoy free-flowing wines and tapas to your heart's content.
PhP 1,100+ per guest

Fondue & Steak Night
Every Saturday Night
Feast on irresistible cheese fondue, cold cut platters,
Salad de Maison, Rib Eye Steak, and dessert of the day.
PhP 1,200+ per guest
Enjoy unlimited wine for PhP 690+ per guest

French Scandinavian Lunch Buffet
Every Saturday and Sunday
A laid-back lunch served buffet style.

Sunday Family Night
Make family bonding even more special with
Chef’s Mussels, luscious Baked Camembert, refreshing Salad, mouthwatering Steak, and lip-smacking Seafood Jambalaya.
PhP 1,200+ per guest

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