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Over the Bougainvillea

Hello, Dear Members!

Beware the Ides of March – Shakespeare writes.  And so we should, but only for the summer heat that descends upon the city and relentlessly lingers on through May and June.  To counteract the summer heat, March brings all the garden blooms and glorious colorful flowers.  Manilans flock to the beaches to cool off in the calm waters of the Pacific at this time of the year.

In early February, a group of Makati Garden Club ladies attended Hortikultura Filipina 2018 -- a Plant and Art Fest held at the Quezon Memorial Circle.  It was an interesting mix of flora and fauna, with exhibits on flower arranging, exotic cacti and succulents, ferns, landscaping, as well as a myriad of stalls selling all types of ornamentals.  They also had a series of lectures, and one of MGC’s Board members, Flor Tarriela, was a guest speaker on the very interesting topic of weeds and “weedicinals”.

Valentines came and went, with roses, roses and roses being sold in bouquets and arrangements.  Our café was fully booked with double seating.  It was beautiful balmy evening, and couches were arranged in the garden with a huge screen projecting live concerts of Andrea Boccelli and David Foster, where guests could lounge and order drinks and canapés.

As promised we are having Margarita “Gaita” Fores, chef  and artist extraordinaire to be our guest speaker on Thursday, April 5.  She will speak on sustainability and flower/plant arranging using simple materials from our garden.  A scrumptious lunch is planned with the combined magical touches of Gaita Fores and our very own Chef Robert Lilja.

Come Join Us!

Makati Garden Club and Hortikultura Members at the Hortikultura event.
L-R Ninit Paterno,  Connie Lacson, Ching Caluag, Mindy Perez-Rubio, Flor Tarriela, Dory Bernabe (Chairman, Hortikultura) and Norma Villanueva (President, Hortikultura)

Ninit Paterno and Ching Caluag (MGC President)
amidst the colorful plantings at the Hortikultura Exhibit.



Thursday, April 5, 2018
10:30 AM
Makati Garden Club


“Sustainability and Flower Arranging”

Lunch will be served.
P500 for Members
P600 for Guests

Limited seating.  Please RSVP to Grace
at 817-2738 or email

Meet the Guest Speaker

In 1986, Margarita Forés went to Italy for four months to undertake an intensive training both in Italian cuisine as well as the language. She has had no formal training in culinary skills. Forés studied under three chefs in Italy.

She initially began as a caterer, having created the company Cibo Di M, cooking directly in people's homes with two sous chefs to help her. In 1997, she opened her first Cibo restaurant - which she specifically targeted at serving traditional Italian food but with good value for money.  Her mother provided the seed money for the venture.  She saw her main competitors at the time as being the American cuisine based chains TGI Friday's and Hard Rock Cafe, but criticised that these were not Filipino owned operations.

In addition to the Cibo chain, she controls the restaurants Lusso, Grace Park and Alta. They each serve Italian cuisine but in different ways, with Lusso refining Italian comfort food, while Grace Park includes some of her twists on childhood favourites. This restaurant was opened after she recovered from cancer, and so it inspired her to work predominantly with organic ingredients, which was not common in the Philippines at the time. The menu also includes some elements of Filipino cuisine. Alta is her most recent restaurant, located within the Ascott Hotel at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

She was named Asia's Best Female Chef as part of the 2016 Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list, part of The World's 50 Best Restaurants. Forés admitted surprise at winning the award,[2] comparing it to Miss Universe, and credited the victory to her work in promoting Filipino products both within the Philippines and abroad. She has recently been promoting Job's tears, a gluten-free grain grown in areas of the Philippines where rice does not grow successfully.


Concert at the Garden

With our new outdoor sound system with state-of-the-art projector and screen, guests and diners can enjoy movie concerts every Friday & Saturday starting March 2, 2018.
Please call us for your favorite artist’s schedule.

Special movie concerts can be arranged for other days upon request.

How Does Your Garden Grow?


Sun worshippers and great heat lovers in the entire floral world.  The hotter the climate and stronger the sun, the more profuse and frequent the blooms.  For adult bougainvillea, the most ideal location is a cement walk or border in full sun.  Bougainvillea dislike too much watering and blooms will become less frequent if you over water.


Fire Tree
Known as Caballero or Arbol de Fuego, this tree is a large deciduous flowering tree 25 feet high or more, with an umbrella shaped crown.  It blooms from March to June, it’s brilliant flowers in varying shades of red and crimson.  Most of its leaflets are shed before flowering.  The lawn underneath this flamboyant tree is partly covered with a myriad of fallen flowers.  The tree is easy to grow from seed like a typical member of the bean family.  This tree is native to Madagascar.


Jade Vine
Also called Tayabao in Tagalog, is a creeper with a cascade of hanging trusses of flowers usually translucent blue green, hence the name jade.  The leaves are trifoliate, glossy.  It has huge green ovate capsules with 6-12 seeds that germinate fast but form no flowers for the first and second years.  In the third year clusters appear from March to June and the jade vine is a beautiful sight.  The seeds are short-lived and the young plant rarely survives.  This plant is endemic to the Philippines and belongs to the bean family (Pailionatae).


Celebrations at the Café just got better!

We now have state-of-the-art sound system including a projector and large screens for different needs — whether it is for a presentations, movies, concerts, or videos.
Our lunch function menus starts at
PhP650+ for three courses,
PhP900+ for four courses, and
PhP1,200+ for five courses.
Dinner function menus starts at
PhP900+ for three courses,
PhP1,200+ for four courses, and
PhP1,400+ for five courses.

Book your March 2018 dinner parties now and receive a complimentary bottle of wine for every six persons booked!

We also have new and exciting gourmet menus for March 2018. You may find out more about them below.


French Pondicherry Curry Luncheons

Every Saturday & Sunday Lunch
Enjoy various lip-smacking curry dishes with a French twist.
Regular members & guests: PhP1,400+
Senior members: PhP950+

Barkada Nights

Every Friday Night
Savor seven special tapas & delicious paella
to start the weekend right!
PhP900+ per person
Unlimited Wine: PhP690+ per person

Fondue & Steak Night

Every Saturday
A set meal including irresistible cheese fondue, a cold cuts platter, Salad de Maison, mouth-watering ribeye steak, and even dessert!
PhP1,200+ per person
Unlimited Wine: PhP690+ per person

Sunday Family Night

Chef’s Mussels, Baked Camembert, Salad, Mediterranean Fish, Ribeye Steak & Dessert!
Make your family gathering even more special by requesting for an outdoor movie or presentation with our brand new audio-video system!
PhP 1,200+ per person

Great Gardening Tips for Summer!

Summer will be here soon, and for many that means getting their gardens back into shape. Here are some simple gardening tips and tricks for all of you who are interested in gardening!


Plant Seedlings in Eggshells 
Eggshells make great eco-friendly planters for growing your seedlings before they go in your garden. Just clean out your eggshells after using them, fill them with soil, plant your seeds and let them grow in a carton. Once your seedlings get big enough, crack the bottoms of the shells, remove the shards and place the plant and shell in your garden. The eggshells will dissolve in the soil and add some much-needed nutrients to your garde


Save Your Rice Water
The next time you cook rice, save the water you used to wash the rice instead of pouring down the drain. It makes a great all-natural fertilizer for your plants.


Add Some Coffee Grounds 
Coffee grounds are not only great at keeping slugs at bay, but they can also hinder mold and mildew growth. They're also rich in nutrients, so they make a great fertilizer. If you drink a lot of coffee in your home, you no doubt have some wet coffee grounds that go into the trash every day, but they should be going into your garden instead.


Save Your Store-Bought Cuttings 
Leftover basil, celery and onions that you buy from the grocery store can usually be replanted and grown, making a trip to the gardening store for more seeds unnecessary. In fact, even the waste that cannot be replanted can still be added to a compost pile, so feel free to save your organic waste if you want an effective fertilizer.


Adding Milk to Your Garden 
Much like coffee grounds, milk can add nutrients to your soil and act as an anti-fungal resource. If you have some milk in your refrigerator that you aren't going to use before its expiration date, pour it in your garden instead of down the drain.


Pinching Plants 
Splitting the center of a plant's stem - a practice known as "pinching" - can be a good way to encourage new leaves to grow and can even save a plant from dying


Get Rid Of Weeds With Sugar 
To get rid of a weed, all you need is a tablespoon of sugar. Just apply it to a damp weed, and it will fizzle down to the root. Sugar works best when dealing with broadleaf and annual leaves as opposed to grasses and perennials


There's nothing like a great show.... especially on weekends!


SILENT SKY is Repertory Philippines' newest play that features women and science, just in time for women's month!  It is based on a true story of the first woman to discover the existence of galaxies in the universe.

The play runs from March 2-25, 2018 at OnStage Theater, Greenbelt 1, Makati City. Tickets are now available at our box office or at Ticket World.

See you at the theater!

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