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The New Leaf

Greetings one and all!  It has been quite a while since the last newsletter.  With the Christmas Holidays, and a busy January, and an even busier February, the months flew by so quickly.  So here we are already in the last days of the first quarter of the year.  The good news is, we have planned some exciting events for you, our dear members in the months to come.

First up is an event called SUMMERTIME.  This is Makati Garden Club’s bi-annual Plant and Garden Sale that we always celebrate on Earth Day.  A myriad of plants and colorful flowers will be on sale, as we are inviting many nursery owners to display their foliage and blooms.  Fresh veggies and fruits will also be for sale, as with some White Elephant Sale items, fancy jewelry, and household items.  A special lunch will be prepared at the Cafe, should you wish to dine while you shop.  This will be held on April 18, Thursday.  From 10AM – 4PM.

On May 2, also on a Thursday, the Board is calling an Annual General Meeting.  It will be an Open House, and we invite everyone to come for High Tea, and to partake of the meeting, hear the reports and to vote in a new Board.  Ideas and suggestions are MOST welcome.

Also in May we will celebrate Flores de Mayo.  The date has not been set, but it will be held towards the last week in May, before the rains arrive.

We are once again refreshing our gardens to give it a colorful summer look.  We may open the south garden for tea and refreshments, churros y chocolate and other yummies.  The south meadow is a quiet and coolish garden, so perfect for afternoon delights.  We hope you will support this charming little back corner and bring friends for tea, coffee or chocolate…as soon as we have it up and ready.

For gardeners in the tropical climates with extremely hot summers, daily temperatures frequently exceed 90.  If this is your situation, summer may be the most difficult season for your garden, instead of winter.

  1. Focus on plants that love the heat.
  2. Keep your plants well-watered.
  3. Make sure your soil has a good level of organic matter.
  4. Keep your soil covered with 2-4” of organic mulch.
  5. Give your plants some shade.
  6.  Avoid surrounding your garden beds with crushed stone, brick, or concrete paths
  7. Start seeds indoors under lights
  8. Pre-soak seeds and furrows for crops you plant outdoors
  9. Keep ripe fruit well-picked
  10. Space your plants farther apart
  11. Keep your garden well-weeded
  12.  Avoid using tall raised garden beds, if possible.
  13. Avoid growing large plants on trellises, if possible.